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Always wear a face mask and use an alcohol-based sanitiser before entering the airport terminal. You will be denied access to the terminal if you are not properly clad.

Arrive at the airport early enough (3 hrs is advised) so you can pass through the several checks in good time and still catch your flight.

Check-in by proxy is not allowed. You must, irrespective of your social standing, check-in by yourself.

While at the terminal, follow floor and seat markings as they ensure observance of social distancing and seamless movement from one point to another.

Be willing to submit yourself for temperature checks by the airport staff, as you will be denied boarding if your temperature reads above 37 degrees.

Make adequate plans for drop-off and pick-up, as vehicles are no longer allowed to pull up in front of the departure and arrival sections. They will park only in the approved parking lot.

Travel as light as possible. If you must carry big or multiple baggage, it is advised you cargo them. This will save you some time as all bags will be disinfected at departure and arrival points.

Passengers are greatly encouraged to use online options to buy tickets and check-in. The Air Peace mobile app offers effortless booking and check-in experience. You can also purchase tickets at our town sales outlets where human traffic is minimal.

Below are COVID-19 Travel Recommendations by Country:

All arriving passengers (citizens, residents, and visitors) who have NOT been fully vaccinated will be required to present a valid NEGATIVE COVID-19 PCR test result 48 hours prior to departure from originating country and will be required to UNDERGO MANDATORY COVID-19 TESTING ON ARRIVAL AT THE KOTOKA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT AT NO COST Click here to download Covid-19 Update for Accra Passengers

1- PCR test must be within 96hrs before departure, preferably within 72hrs to boarding.
2- All intending international passengers are required to register via an online national payment portal (, and pay for a repeat PCR test to be done upon arrival in Nigeria.
3- Passengers are required to fill online Health Declaration/Self Reporting Form, located on the Nigeria International Travel Portal. Fine for deviation for items 1,2, and 3 is $3,500.

Passengers aged 5 years and above are required to hold a Travelers Authorization obtained online via the Sierra Leone travel portal: The Travelers Authorization must consist of a negative Covid-19 PCR test certificate issued within 72 hrs. before departure, a pre departure Public Health Passenger Locator Form, and proof of payment for a mandatory Covid-19 test on arrival. Passengers are subject to a Covid-19 RDT and PCR test on arrival if their stay in Sierra Leone is longer than 5 days. While waiting for the test results, passports will be retained by immigration services. Passengers whose RDT test result is positive will be quarantined at a hotel in Lungi at their own cost until they receive their PCR test result. Passengers with a positive PCR test result will be sent to the treatment Centre.
The Cost of the Test on Arrival in Sierra Leone Is USD 80.
Passengers who have travelled to Argentina, Brazil, India, and Turkey in the past 14 days are required to hold a negative Covid-19 PCR test certificate tested no more than 72 hours before departure for Sierra Leone. The certificate must be in English and must specify: the date of the test, the name of the certified laboratory in which the test was completed, a QR code to access the report. Passengers must quarantine in a NaCOVERC approved quarantine hotel for 8 days at least upon arrival in Sierra Leone at their own cost. The passenger must undergo a Covid-19 PCR test on day 7, and if tested negative, the passenger may leave quarantine. Approved quarantine hotels include Hotel Mariam, Radisson Blu Hotel, Bintumani Hotel, Seaside Hotel, Kings Empire Hotel and Hill Valley Hotel. This does not apply to passengers that have been fully vaccinated and are arriving at least 14 days after the last dose of any Covid-19 vaccine, the passenger must complete a Covid-19 PCR test upon arrival in Sierra Leone.
All PAX (Arriving & Departing) are advised to visit for more details.

All travellers arriving in Senegal must present a negative COVID-19 PCR test not less than 5 days (120hrs) or a "health pass" duly issued by an approved laboratory in the country of departure.
The "health pass" must certify that passengers have received the required doses of vaccine at least fourteen (14) days before the date of travel. Only vaccines approved by the World Health Organization are accepted. The "health pass" is equal to a Covid-19 vaccination card/certificate. On departure from Senegal, testing will only be required for passengers traveling to countries that require it.
Each passenger will have to fill in the tracking form available online at and present it upon arrival. Passengers may be tested on arrival and in the event of a positive result for COVID-19 they will be taken care of by the airport health services, in accordance with the protocol in force.


Following the press realize, OP 243/01 TEMP (58 MKC) from the Office of the President on the decision to lift all the COVID-19 public health emergency “all arrivals in land borders, airports, and seaports, will no longer be required to present a negative PCR Test or vaccination certificate for entry.”

Subsequent to the press release, the Banjul International Airport, Health Officer is therefore reminding all Authorities that requesting COVID-19 tests or Vaccination certificates will no longer be carried out by the health Officers upon arrival. However, screening of Priority diseases of Public Health Concern still continues as part of the efforts to ensure the prevention of the international spread of disease as required by international health regulations (IHR, 2005).

All arriving Passengers coming from Yellow Fever Endemic Countries are reminded to provide proof of Yellow Fever Vaccination and Prophylaxis Certificate to Health Officers upon arrival at Banjul International Airport.

Your efforts in ensuring the prevention of the international spread of COVID-19 during the pandemic were efficient and therefore we appeal for your usual contribution to working with the Health Department in the effort to ensure that Good Health is achieved in the country.


NB: Passengers coming from the following countries are required to provide proof of Yellow Fever and Prophylaxis Certificates upon arrival: Angola, Benin Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Congo, Cote D’Ivoire, Democratic Republic of Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Ethiopia, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Togo, Uganda, Argentina, Bolivia, Columbia, Ecuador, French Guyana, Guyana, Panama, Guinea-Bissau, Kenya, Liberia, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, Venezuela.

Entry and Exit Requirements
1. Are Nigeria citizens permitted to enter? Yes.
The Cameroonian government has stated that Nigeria citizens with Cameroonian visas and residency permits can enter Cameroon under the conditions listed below.
2. Is a negative COVID-19 test (PCR and/or serology) required for entry? Yes.
A negative test result within 72 hours prior to arrival is required.
3. The Government of Cameroon now requires all outbound passengers to present a negative COVID-19 PCR test result dated within 72 hours of boarding an international flight. Travelers must use a government-approved testing site and register their results in one of two databases depending on the point of departure (Yaounde or Douala).
4. Are health screening procedures in place at airports and other ports of entry? Yes
5. Visitor's visas can be extended at the Frontier Police Office in Yaounde.
6. Always carry proof of your legal presence in Cameroon, such as a Nigeria passport with visa or a residency card. Since Cameroon does not recognize dual citizenship, Nigeria citizens of Cameroonian descent should never attempt to use a Cameroonian passport or identification card.

Hotspot Countries identified by the Ministry of Health are:
Belgium, Lebanon, Spain, Chile, Nigeria, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, The Netherlands, France, Pakistan, Sweden, Italy, Singapore, Turkey, Japan, South Africa, United Kingdom, Jordan, South Korea, USA, India.

Lastly, please cooperate with our ground operations staff to ensure all safety measures are aptly implemented.

Thank you and Stay safe


Fly Safe, Fly Peacefully