Safety First

For safety reasons, Passengers are strictly advised to avoid coming onboard with any form of Dangerous goods as listed herein:

* Explosives (e.g Bomb, Hand grenade etc)
* Gases (e.g Hairspray, Lighter, Perfumes etc)
* Flammable Liquids (e.g Alcohol, Kerosene, Petrol, Paint, Adhesives etc)
* Flammable Solids (Matches, Metal powders, Magnesium, Sulphur etc)
* Oxidizing Substances (e.g Hydrogen peroxide, Bleaching powder, Oxygen generators etc)
* Poisonous Substances (e.g Pesticides, Cyanides, Chloroform etc)
* Radioactive Materials (e.g Cobalt, iodine, radium etc)
* Corrosives (e.g Batteries and its fluids, mercury, Sulphuric acid etc)
* Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods (e.g Magnets, asbestos, electric wheelchair, knives, Lithium batteries etc)

Air Peace is poised at ensuring the safety of lives of our esteemed passengers, property, staff, environment and the reputation of the organisation as we place a high regard for safety onboard our aircraft.

We hereby solicit your maximum cooperation and adherence to the above information as failure to declare Dangerous goods is a serious violation, and can result in legal action(s) being taken against you.

Dangerous Goods